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Easter & Adoption

Written by Rick Weesner — an adoptive father, pastor, and Project Hope staff member.

The great thing about working for Project Hope and advocating for children is that I get to visit orphanages. One of the hazards of visiting the orphanages of Colombia is that I want to take all of the children home.


I see looks of hope on their faces when the Americans come to visit. They know that you are there for adoption and they hope that they are chosen. It is difficult because you cannot give each of them the home they desire and need. As much as I would like to, all I would be doing is transferring them from one orphanage to another. They do not need a building; they need a family. They need a forever family. As I thought about what I was going to say to my congregation today, I realized that, while I cannot bring them all into my family, God can.


I want to invite each child into my family much like God can and does invite each of us to be part of His family – His forever family. God sees each of us as children without hope. He knows that each of us needs the love that only His family can provide, so He offers us a chance to be His child. It’s called adoption. God looks at each of us and said, “I want you to be in my forever family.” As you prepare this week for Easter, remember how special you are to God. He loved you so much that He adopted you into His family.

Also remember the many children who do not have a forever family to love them and tell them about the God who loves them. Pray that this year a family will visit their orphanage and say to them, “I want you to come home with me to be my child.”

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