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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Q. How can I make a reservation?
A. The best way to make a reservation is by filling out the reservation form.  You can also ask questions directly by emailing Please include your name, phone number, room(s) requested, and the dates you plan to stay.

Q. How do we pay?
A. Families wishing to stay for an extended period of time must pay for 2 weeks up front. After the initial payment, families will be charged weekly. Payments can be made online using Paypal or via a Credit/Debit card.  If you like, you can also pay with a check made payable to Project Hope Ministries.

Q. Is there anyone on staff at the house?
A. Staff is available to help families as needed. You’ll be given contact information for people that can support you with any questions you have during your stay. Staff is also available to cook dinners for families as requested.