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Titán Plaza Centro Comercial

Close to the Project Hope House you will find a beautiful, clean mall. If you know Spanish, you can check out its website or Facebook page. If you don’t know Spanish, the following is a guide to help you in getting the most out of your visit to Titán Plaza Centro Comercial.

Getting there:
Leaving the house, go right (west-ish) and then take a left (southish). Take the first right that you can to cut over to Avenida Boyacá. Turn left to the south on Avenida Boyacá and take it until you see the mall on your left or hire a Bici-taxi to get there. There is a bike path and a sidewalk for pedestrians. The total hike is about a ½ mile and takes about 10 minutes. It’s typical to see a cart serving arepas (yummy) along the path. If you take the bridge from the mall across the highway, you’ll see Macro, which is similar to a Sam’s Club.

1st level – Baskin Robbins, Cinnabon, Dunkin’Donuts, Crepes & Waffles (for ice cream), Pastaio (small Italian food), Lovers (sandwich place), La Villa (they sell obleas, which are typical Colombian sweet treats of toppings between two, large, round wafers), Juan Valdez (coffee shop), and a McDonald’s desserts booth
2nd level – Dunkin’ Donuts
3rd level – Food court with a big variety including Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Taco Bell, etc. The coffee shops open earlier, but the other restaurants open about 11AM. Crepes & Waffles has good ice cream.
4th level – Beer Station, el Corral, Burger King, Crepes & Waffles, Chili’s, McDonald’s, and Brazzerio.  Brazzerio is a great restaurant for special occasions. They take reservations. You can order the buffet, which includes a trip to the salad and side dishes bar. Then, the real fun begins as the waiter brings a series of meats to the table.   14 courses of meats are brought as well as a warm pineapple. It’s a tremendous amount of food and a lot of fun, especially if you like meat.

1.) Cine Colombia on the 4th floor is a nice movie theatre with many movies in English with Spanish subtitles. Most of these English movies begin after 5PM. At the time of this writing, for a 2D movie, it cost $10,000 pesos (about $4 US) and $14,500 pesos (about $6 US) for a 3D movie.
2.) Playland is on the 3rd floor and has small carnival-type rides and more for kids.

There are many banks and places around the mall with ATMs.

Examples of American Stores:
American Eagle, Adidas, Justice, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Payless Shoes, Lego, Gap, Bath & Body Works

Check the interactive directory for wifi. You’ll find it on each floor.

Each floor has bathrooms. There are family bathrooms too. Fyi, there are no seats on the toilets, and you must throw your toilet paper in the garbage can (This goes for all toilets in Colombia – T.P. in the trash, not in the bowl).

Other Things of Interest:
There’s a mass held in the middle of the mall at 10AM on Sundays.
2.) On the first floor Piñatas y más piñatas sells toys and board games (a fun souvenir for the kids having games in Spanish)
3.) Entrances have LG Interactive Directories for finding stores.
4.) People dressed in navy pants, white shirts and sometimes orange vests are there to help give information.