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What’s Nearby

There is so much to do, see, eat and experience in the beautiful and lively city of Bogotá, and even within walking distance of the Project Hope House. Below is a list of restaurants and stores that are in the neighborhood.  The neighborhood is very safe, although locals recommend that you don’t cross any bridge after dark.  Click on any of the options below for more detailed information (including directions).

Titán Plaza Centro Comercial (Mall)

The Titan Mall is one of Bogota’s newest and most modern malls.  It has a heavy North-American influence, and features English movies and a wide variety of both Colombian and American restaurants and stores.  It is less than a 10 minute walk from the Project Hope House.  Click here for more details.

Carulla (Grocery Store)

Carulla is one of Bogota’s main grocery store chains, and there are 2 in the neighborhood of the house.  Carulla is a safe place to purchase all necessary food items, and also has several ATM’s located in the lobby.  Click here for more details.  There is one located down Calle 116, and one located on Boyoca.

Tierra Linda (Church)

Tierra Linda is Project Hope’s partner church in Colombia.  It is a short, easy bus ride away.  Tierra Linda is a small church that is very friendly to adopting families and has several North American missionaries that attend.  Dress is casual, music is contemporary, and there is a program for the children during the service which starts at 10:30 each Sunday.  Detailed directions and information is available by clicking on the link. Click here for more details.

Bulevar Niza (Mall)

If you are looking for a quieter mall, Bulevar Niza is a great option.  It has less of a North American influence but still offers lots of options for shopping and eating at great prices.  Click here for more details.

Restaurants on Calle 116

There are many restaurants within a short walk of the Project Hope House.  If you walk down Calle 116 towards Carulla, here are just a few of the restaurants you’ll find:

  • Kroki Empanada — A quick, easy place to purchase empanadas that are inexpensive and taste great.
  • Crepes & Waffles — A popular place for ice cream, although they also serve meals.  Both of the malls listed above have multiple locations inside.
  • Fresh Fruit — Located right next to the Carulla on Calle 116 is a big store that sells fresh fruits and veges.  You’ll find great selection for very low prices.
  • El Brason — Our favorite place to get chicken & potatoes.  You can dine in or carry out.
  • Bread Stores — You’ll find several if you explore the local neighborhood.  They all have very low prices and taste amazing!
  • Small Convenience Stores — There are also several convenience stores that sell candy, drinks, paper products, and some grocery items.