143 Campaign | Hosea 14:3

From now through the end of 2017, Project Hope Ministries will be raising funds to help improve our ministry to vulnerable children. The funds raised will be used for quality programming at the Prado Community Center, improved support for adopting families, and assistance for struggling orphanages. We hope you will “be a part of the story” this year and help us to make a difference in the lives of children and their families!

How It Works

Our theme verse for this campaign is Hosea 14:3: “In You, the fatherless find compassion.” At the bottom of this page we have posted all numbers between 1 and 143.  You can choose any number you would like (if it isn’t already taken), and then donate that amount.  For example, if you select $37, you will donate $37.  If you choose $118, you will give $118.  Choose as many numbers as you like! 

When you’ve decided on a number, click one of the “Click to Donate!” buttons to make your PayPal donation. (You’ll enter your number on the PayPal screen that follows.) If you would like to give in honor of someone or in memory of someone, or if you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please let us know during checkout. (You will see “Any special instructions?” on the PayPal verification screen before you complete your donation.)

It is our goal for this campaign to have all numbers selected and to raise money to help as many children as possible.

When we work together and put our trust in God, anything is possible!

As numbers are claimed, we will update the chart below! (Chart is updated manually, so expect to see your donation added within the next 24-48 hours.)

143 Campaign Giving Chart

Giving to Date: $5,087

$Donated By$Donated By$Donated By
$1Sarah Pagano$49Terry & Jo Cleland$97available
$2Liz Ring/Martin & Lois Meyne$50Zack & Becca Langford/Lee & Jean Scholma$98available
$3Liz Ring$51Terry & Jo Cleland$99available
$4Lisa Morgan$52Andrew & Nicole Rowles$100Jack & Sharon Groeneveld/Lee & Jean Scholma
$6available$54Anonymous$102Glenn & Pat Huisinga
$8GHWC Children's Church$56available$104available
$10Donna Hall$58available$106available
$11GHWC Middle School$59Anonymous$107available
$12Brett & Sarah Bortz$60available$108Anonymous
$13Chris van Balen$61Brooks Grantier$109available
$14Michael & Mary Collins/Daniel Mayhew$62available$110Lee & Jean Scholma
$16GHWC Middle School$64Anonymous$112available
$17available$65Tammy & Tim Wygant$113available
$18Brett & Sarah Bortz$66available$114available
$19Lisa Morgan$67available$115Lee & Jean Scholma
$20Gary & Wendy Gensch$68available$116available
$21Jenny Weesner/Martin & Lois Meyne$69Anonymous$117available
$22Tom & Joyce Matthews$70available$118available
$23GHWC Middle School$71available$119available
$24Jeff & Brenda Sonnett$72Anonymous$120available
$25Jon & Jodi Caldwell$73available$121Collette Whitmer
$26Jason & Sara Cleland$74available$122available
$27Martin & Lois Meyne$75available$123available
$28Garrison Hills Women's Prayer Group$76available$124Tim & Tiffany Stob
$29Lisa Morgan$77Quinten Bortz$125John & Kristi Vandermaas/Lee & Jean Scholma
$30Rob & Kelly Einhardt$78available$126available
$31Darrell & Katie Taylor$79Collette Whitmer$127available
$32Alice Kiss$80Gary & Wendy Gensch$128available
$33GHWC Middle School$81Anonymous$129available
$34available$82Brooks Grantier$130available
$35available$83available$131Rick & Kay Weesner
$36Michael & Mary Collins$84Caleb Wygant$132available
$37Chris van Balen$85Anonymous$133available
$40Grant & Tanza Penrod$88available$136Anonymous
$41Margie Scudder$89available$137Anonymous
$42available$90Jason & Sara Cleland$138Anonymous
$43available$91available$139Jeff & Becky Schrotenboer
$44Penny O'Bryant$92available$140Anonymous
$45available$93Anonymous$141Jason & Sara Cleland
$46available$94Anoymous$142Jason & Sara Cleland
$47available$95available$143Jim & Linda Wygant
$48Covenant Hope Church$96available